Display your advertising on large format LCD screens positioned in a network of private aviation terminals that cater to high net-worth travelers spending an average of 30-minutes in the terminal lounge prior to departure.

This Ultra Elite audience of travelers consists of successful individuals, including:
• Corporate Executives
• Ultra-Wealthy Individuals
• Athletes and Celebrities
• International Business People

Lounge Visitor Profile
ViewersMen 80% Women 20%
Average Net Worth$10-Million
Average investment portfolio$6-million
Medium Agebetween the age of 25-64
Affluence Typically spends $75,000 annually on jewelry
Owns an average of 2.5 homes
Private Aviation Lounge Placement
FrequencyMonthly and multi-month spots available
Audience & EnvironmentAirs to the Ultra-Elite audience of travelers in private aviation lounges on large video screens, average screen size is 55 inches.
PlacementAirs in a network of private jet lounges, options include 15 & 30-second video spots, 15-second static or animated ads and 60-second travel content spots. Option to target by city or airport location available.


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