Upgrade your private jet lounge ad campaign to include a geofencing and retargeting option. Geofencing establishes a virtual perimeter around a non-moving target, in this case, the private aviation airports (FBOs). Over the duration of your private jet lounge ad campaign, banner ads are pushed to the lounge visitors’ electronic devices via Google Campaign Manager and are seen when visiting apps and websites.

Retargeting Digital Ad Breakdown
ViewersMen 80% Women 20%
Average Net Worth$10-Million
Average investment portfolio$6-million
Medium Agebetween the age of 25-64
Affluence Typically spends $75,000 annually on jewelry
Owns an average of 2.5 homes


Retargeting Digital Ad Breakdown
FrequencyA variety of impression levels available
Audience & EnvironmentDigital ads are served to the travelers' electronic devices after they have departed the private aviation lounge, using 250K unique apps and/or websites.
PlacementDigital ads are served over 30-60 days or the duration of the private jet lounge video campaign


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