United Airlines

Let your brand connect with more than 9 million passengers monthly on IMA's in-flight programming, your destination and lifestyle source, airing on United Airlines.

Each month Lifestyle 365 features the greatest finds around the world, profiling travel and lifestyle trend-setters: "Where you Live," ”How you Live,” and “What you Do,” it’s your Lifestyle 365.

With Lifestyle 365 you can reach a domestic and international audience for 30-consecutive days in a captive and receptive environment. Your company profile will be part of an episode that is available cabin-wide on all United Airlines mainline aircraft, on both domestic and international routes.

Passenger Profile
ViewersMen 54% Women 46%
Median Age 48
Relationship StatusMarried 63% Single 37%
College Educated89%
Affluence Median HHI $131,700
Employment Professional/Managerial 43%
Top Management 18%

United Airlines Breakdown
FrequencyMonthly spots available
Audience & FlightsVideo available on an average of 3,500 daily flights on 764 aircraft flying both, domestic and international routes. Available to 9.3 million passengers per calendar month.
PlacementAll featured segments air as a selection on United Airlines Personal Device Entertainment systems, streaming to passengers’ laptops, tablets and mobile devices and are also available on AVOD seatback displays.


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