United Airlines

Connect with millions of passengers multiple times on IMA’s Lifestyle 365, the in-flight travel and destination source airing on United Airlines.

Each month L365 features the greatest finds around the world on United’s DirectTV default channel – the free programming option for United’s passengers. Nearly 70% of all passengers have access to your content here on 17,000 flights monthly. Onboard reporting confirms actual audience exposure each month.

Shorter controlled messages fall short when your ad doesn’t even find the audience. Take flight on IMA’s blocks of original video programming available free on DirectTV displays, then craft your story to carve out your slice of L365.

Passenger Profile
ViewersMen 56%, Women 44%
Median Age 47.1
Relationship StatusMarried 65%, Single 35%
Education College Educated 91%
Post-Graduate Degree 33%
Affluence Median HHI $136,000
Employment Professional/Managerial 61%
Top Management 38%


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